Massage Therapy


Passionate about massages, our massage therapists have the care and the ease to guide you towards a deep rooting and internalization of this unique experience. Creating a customized massage by selecting the most suitable elements amongst different techniques, they are masters in the art of marrying creativity, intuition and knowledge.

It is our way of making your massage experience so intensely warm and enveloping that has allowed L’Absolu SPA to become the reference in massage therapy. Each massage is given with a quality massage gel combining the virtues of aloe and vitamin E. Each massage is given with a quality massage gel combining the virtues of aloe and vitamin E.

Each of our seven massage rooms features a spacious ceramic and tempered glass shower, avanity, soft candle lighting, a specially chosen background music with volume control, a personalized room temperature control, a sumptuous decor, as well as a luxurious table covered with the renowned Tempur mattress, which makes your experience even more exceptional with an unequaled comfort. L’Absolu SPA also offers spacious double rooms, equipped with the same amenities, which can accommodate couples wishing to experience their relaxation as a duo.

Want to know more about the types of massage we offer? We’re talking about it here.


“It is not only a place to receive a massage and leave, it is a temple that can bring you to a higher level of relaxation. The lighting, the music and the service are combined together to make you enjoy a professional relaxation session. I recommend this place to disconnect from our busy world.” F Salame

Trip Advisor

“The atmosphere and attention given by the staff. A special thank you to Fanny who got rid of those knots in my back. Got home feeling great!” Mike G. Seara


“Amazing! One of the best massage ever. Beautifully welcoming and super relaxing atmosphere. Must go.” Veronica Yassa